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Most centers are treating it like they would

“Hearing the slander that we’re protesting the flag, that’s not it. It’s not a protest. It’s no disrespect to any servicemen or women out there. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham support isn required.Opponents of the bill have questioned whether the State Ethics Commission is the right agency to determine salaries. They say an unelected body shouldn be empowered to set salaries that will affect the state budget.Some opponents also say the proposal is a backdoor way to secure salaries for lawmakers.In a recent committee hearing, Sen.

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But I know McCarthyism when I see it. To define anyone who uses Obamagate as either a racist or conspiracy theorist is outside the norms of acceptable American political dialogue. McCarthyism of the Left will not work outside of progressive cloisters.

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They were a lot younger the last time I made a

## ## LeBron 3

CNN has reached out to the Cavaliers and James’ representation for comment but has not heard back.

In 2010, James shocked NBA fans by going to Miami. In 2014, he made massive headlines again by returning to Cleveland and fulfilling his promise to bring a championship to the city in 2016.

Where James goes could have a seismic impact on the NBA landscape.

“I have no idea at this point,” James said after the NBA Finals when asked if he’s played his last game for the Cavaliers after getting swept by the Golden Warriors.

“The one thing that I’ve always done is considered, obviously, my family. Understanding especially where my boys are at this point in their age. They were a lot younger the last time I made a decision like this four years ago. I’ve got a teenage boy, a pre teen and a little girl that wasn’t around as well.

“So sitting down and considering everything, my family is a huge part of whatever I’ll decide to do in my career, and it will continue to be that. So I don’t have an answer for you right now as far as that.”

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Malky Mackay reveals the ‘European style’ mandate set to revolutionise Scottish football

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Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeSFA Performance Director Malky Mackay has lifted the lid on the new style of football our our international youth teams will be told to play.

Scotland Under 21s, Under 19s and Under 17s have all had qualifiers and Elite Round games postponed during the coronavirus pandemic.

And the ex Celtic and Scotland defender, who was interim Scots boss for a match against Holland in 2017, has revealed he will be instructing the youth coaches to take a new approach once the game returns.

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Mackay, speaking in an interview to raise funds for the NHS in a podcast with Norwich City team mate Paul McVeigh said: “At the moment, myself and a couple of people are just about to launch a performance style of play strategy from the Scottish national youth teams to play in a manner that more accomplished in terms of European style, with the ball and having the ball in a certain way.

“So that going to be rolled out soon.

“And to be fair, for the last two years my teams have been living it. My coaches are terrific guys and our youth teams have been having reasonable results against England, Spain, France and Germany.

“The youth teams are now going out to Spain to play a lot of our games and we have a training base there where we have taken a variety of teams and we gone there out of season to play practice matches for our teams.

“So in the grand scheme of things we are trying to bring as much of the best practices that I know and that I been to see.

“I was out of work for a year and a half and you need to do something or mentally you have problems. I went around the world, went to see the Special Forces, NFL games, Aussie Rules, rugby, La Liga, Bundesliga, different countries and sports that you can bring that little edge.

“As far as our young coaches as concerned, we are trying to put good people in front of them. Recently we had Paul Scholes and Darren Fletcher up to talk to 120 coaches.

“I had Sean Dyche, Henrik Larsson, Kenny Dalglish. For our players to be better, our coaches need to be even better than they are.

“Once you get your Pro License you are kind of just left to your devices. It like getting a driving license and then two years later you are asked to drive a Formula One car. So it trying to make them more rounded and resilient for that journey ahead of them.

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